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Our experiences with gardening in the Midwest

We love gardening!

If we're lucky, our growing season in the Chicago area lasts from May until September. We cultivate our plants and flowers and gardens avidly and enjoy them reverently, perhaps more so because they are so short-lived.

Our family has been gardening for about 25 years at the same location. First, as new, young homeowners, we knew very little about growing things. Just the words, annual & perennial, threw us into a panic - which to buy? Where to put them? How to take care of them?

Our gardens have changed and evolved in the 25 years we've lived at this house. We've learned from books, public gardens, web sites, and sometimes the hard way: from our errors.

Most recently, we've become fascinated with water gardens. Here's a whole new world of discoveries: water filtering and clarification, algae control, fish types and their care, and the plants: aerators, floaters, marginals, bog plants, submerged plants, water lilies; and what to do with all of this when winter arrives.

The GARDEN pages of the Corsinet.com website will share some of our gardening pictures and tips.

Welcome! Enjoy your visit.

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