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our favorite flowers - orchids 2004

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lc. Bryan Wheeler

I purchased this plant in 1999 from Orchids by Hausermann in Villa Park, IL. It has bloomed faithfully every year since then.

Imagine the coldest days of winter when there is no color outside, just white snow or yellowed grass and bare trees, and watch the flower buds on this orchid as they slowly get larger and fatter until finally, one day, it opens!

The blooms last for several weeks and have the most gorgeous fragrance - a cross between hyacinths and roses. Heavenly!

click for a larger picture
click for a larger picture

via avanti 'peach fuzz' GS

I've learned to trust Orchids by Hausermann, so I really splurged on this purchase - $65.00. But well worth every penny.

This cymbidium must be a rather new hybrid - I can't find a description anywhere on the Internet. I'll treat it like the other cymbidiums I have - let it dry between waterings, keep it rather cool at night, and no bright direct sun.

I purchased this plant 3 months ago and it hasn't dropped a flower yet.


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