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koi pond & water gardens 2003

Winter care for tropical water plants

click for larger picture - THIS IS A LARGE PHOTO!

click for larger picture - THIS IS A LARGE PHOTO!

click for larger picture - THIS IS A LARGE PHOTO!

A HUGE project at the beginning of October each year: we remove the tropical plants from the pond and bring them inside to the atrium.

Plants that have outgrown their pots during the summer are repotted, all are trimmed of dead leaves or overgrown areas. We check for bugs and lightly spray with Raid Yard & Garden bug killer. This project takes a day or two - the atrium is up two flights of steps, on the oposite side of the house.

The 55 gallon Rubber Maid tub holds the larger plants. The water is circulated with a small pump and cleaned with the TetraFilter. Two medium sized goldfish swim around - it's like a little indoor pond!

The rectangular plastic bin in front of the tub holds marginal plants which only need a few inches of water.

The atrium is heated - the temperature is set at 55 degrees. It gets a little warmer on sunny days, but colder on those frigid winter nights.

Because of evaporation, the Rubber Maid tub requires about 5 to 10 gallons added per week. The water needs to be carried by bucket, up a flight up steps. Filling the tub and watering all the plants, including geraniums and outdoor plants brought in for the winter takes about an hour per week.

A bit of work in maintenance, yes, but boy is it worth it on snowy winter days to see all the beautiful greenery!

<--- In this picture, the Vanda Rothschildiana can be seen, among our other orchids and yard plants which have been brought indoors for the winter. In the winter of 2003, this orchid bloomed for the first time since we purchased it six years ago.

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