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koi pond & water gardens 2004

The koi pond in a winter snow storm
Koi fish in the winter

The pond looks beautiful in a heavy snowfall in January 2004.
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Even in the deepest winter, the pond doesn't freeze over because we keep the pump and waterfalls running. The waterfalls ice over sometimes, but as long as the water is running underneath, it's OK. We check the pond periodically to make sure that it hasn't frozen over. It's important to have an opening in the ice for built up ammonia and gasses to escape.

<-----The white pole in the center of the pond is PVC pipe which we are using as a "tent pole." There are two legs which rest on the bottom of the pond to stabilize the pole and a small square platform on the top of the pole which supports black netting.

We covered the pond with this black netting material in mid-October when the leaves began to fall. The netting keeps leaves and debris out of the water. We leave the netting on all winter & remove it in the spring.

The koi stop eating when the water temperature reaches about 50 degrees. In our area it is usually in late October. The fish become more and more lethargic each day and start to huddle together in the middle of the pond where the water is the deepest. They spend the winter under their "hide" all jammed together in a little group.

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