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Unusual, unique, and uncommon facts about a diversity of subjects:

Trivia about humanity
General "people" facts


(66 facts)

Our Lifetime in Numbers
Life expectancy – 78.5 years or 2,475,576,000 seconds
Words Spoken in Lifetime - 123,205,750
Friendships – 1,700 
Baths – 7,163
Dreams – 104,390
Beef and Veal consumed – 4.5 cows per person
Chickens consumed – 1,201 per person
Potatoes consumed – 5130 pounds
Chocolate – 10,354 bars
Baked Beans – 845 cans
Farts – 35,815 liters of wind
Soap – 656 bars
Toothpaste – 276 tubes
Deodorant – 272 cans
Shampoo – 198 bottles
Beer – 10,351 pints
Wine – 1,694 bottles
Vomit produced – 149 liters
Sex – 4,239 times
Holidays - 59 trips

10 percent of all human beings ever born are alive at this very moment.

A person afflicted with hexadectylism has six fingers or six toes on one or both hands and feet.

A poll of 3,000 Americans found that for 41 percent, the thing they're most afraid of is speaking before a group of people. 32 percent stated they were afraid of heights.

A Saudi Arabian woman can get a divorce if her husband doesn't give her coffee.

About 10% of the world's population is left-handed.

Air pollution may contribute to two percent of all deaths in the US, some 50,000 cases per year. A nine-year study of US cities showed a strong correlation between death rates and periods of significant pollution.

America's first nudist organization was founded in 1929, by 3 men.

Barbers at one time combined shaving and haircutting with bloodletting and pulling teeth. The white stripes on a field of red that spiral down a barber pole represent the bandages used in the bloodletting.

Based on a US Justice Department study conducted between 1992 and 1996, workplace violence troubles 1.7 million Americans a year. Number of workers attacked or threatened per thousand: Police officers: 306, Private security guards: 218, Taxi drivers: 184, Prison guards: 117, Bartenders: 91, Mental health professionals: 80, Gas station attendants: 79.

Catholic Popes who died during sex: Leo VII (936-9) died of a heart attack, John VII (955-64) was bludgeoned to death by the husband of the woman he was with at the time, John XIII (965-72) was also murdered by a jealous husband, Pope Paul II (1467-71) allegedly died while being sodomized by a page boy.

For drinking, washing, etc., an average American uses 168 gallons of water per day. The average American residence uses 107,000 gallons per year.

For the 66% of American's who admit to reading in the bathroom, the preferred reading material is "Reader's Digest."

Forty-six US federal agencies have officers with the authority to carry firearms and arrest people.

Fourteen percent of the one million citizens of Nairobi, Kenya carry the AIDS virus. Some 20% of the Kenyan military is infected. (1997)

Gerald Ford, George Bush, Tommy Lasorda, Ted Koppel, John F. Kennedy Jr. and Bill Clinton are all left handed.

Hans Christian Andersen, Cher, Tom Cruise, Albert Einstein, Whoopie Goldberg, Greg Louganis, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Gen. George S. Patton, are (were) all dyslexics.

How many American presidents are not buried in the United States? Four. Jimmy Carter, George Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Humans are the one of the rare animals which copulate face to face. Orangutans also copulate in this manner, the only other species to do so with the same regularity as humans. In addition, Bonobos have been documented doing the same, though only occasionally.

In 1894 there were only 4 automobiles in the US.

In 1900 the average age at death in the US was 47.

In 1960, an estimated 4,000 people were over 100 years old in the U.S. By 1995 the number had jumped to : 55,000.

In most American states, a wedding ring is exempt by law from inclusion among the assets in a bankruptcy estate. This means that a wedding ring cannot be seized by creditors, no matter how much the bankrupt person owes.

Isaac Newton, Peter Tchaikovsky and Annie Lennox were all born on Christmas.

James Madison, 5 feet, 4 inches tall, was the shortest president of the US. Abraham Lincoln was the tallest at six feet, 4 inches.

Julius Caesar and Napoleon Bonaparte both suffered from epilepsy.

Julius Caesar, Martin Luther and Jonathan Swift all suffered from Ménièr's disease. It is a disorder of the hearing and balance senses causing hissing, roaring or whistling sounds to be perceived.

Men commit suicide three times more frequently than women do. But women attempt suicide two to three times more often than men.

Midgets and dwarfs almost always have normal-sized children, even if both parents are midgets or dwarfs.

Monday's Child is fair of face, Tuesday's child is full of grace, Wednesday's child is full of woe, Thursday's child has far to go, Friday's child is loving and giving, Saturday's child has to work for its living, But a child that's born on the Sabbath Day, Is fair and wise and good and gay.

More people are killed annually by donkeys than die in air crashes.

Offered a new pen to write with, 97% of all people will write their own name.

Over 80% of professional boxers have suffered brain damage.

Texas was one of the first states to adopt capital punishment by lethal injection -- in 1977.

The ashes of the average cremated person weigh nine pounds.

The average bank teller loses about $250 every year.

The average person falls asleep in seven minutes.

The average person is about a quarter of an inch taller at night.

The average person laughs about 15 times a day.

The average person walks the equivalent of twice around the world in a lifetime.

The average US male will spend 2,965 hours shaving during his lifetime.

The first US president to both be sued for sexual misconduct and forced to give a deposition while in office was William Jefferson Clinton.

The kiss that is given by the bride to the groom at the end of the wedding ceremony originates from the earliest times when the couple would actually make love for the first time under the eyes of half the village!

The largest single-ticket jackpot winner in history is Jack Whittaker Jr. of West Virginia. In December 2002 he had the sole winning ticket for a $314.9 million jackpot in the U.S. Powerball lottery.

The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

The most popular first name in the world is Muhammad.

The New York phone book had 22 Hitlers listed before World War II ... and none after.

The number of triplets born in the US in 1994 (4,594) was more than triple the number born in 1971 (1,034), an increase attributed to older age of the mothers and the use of fertility-enhancing drugs and techniques.

The states of Washington and Montana still execute prisoners by hanging.

The three best-known western names in China: Jesus Christ, Richard Nixon, and Elvis Presley.

The US President's Cabinet is composed of: the Attorney General, the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Treasury, the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of Agriculture, the Secretary of Interior, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of Health/Human Services, the Secretary of Housing/Urban Development, the Secretary of Labor, the Secretary of Transportation, the Secretary of Energy, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the Secretary of Homeland Security, and the Secretary of Education.

The vocabulary of the average person consists of 5,000 to 6,000 words.

Three chemicals are used to execute criminals by lethal injection. First, Sodium Thiopental is injected, causing the inmate to fall into a deep sleep. The second chemical agent, Pancuronium Bromide, a muscle relaxer, follows. This causes the inmate to stop breathing due to paralyses of the diaphragm and lungs. Finally, Potassium Chloride is injected, stopping the heart

The Gothic-style Washington National Cathedral contains the remains of the only US president buried in Washington: Woodrow Wilson. William Howard Taft and John F. Kennedy are buried at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, VA.

US Presidents who died on July 4th: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died in 1826, James Monroe died in 1831.

US presidents who have been assassinated: Abraham Lincoln in 1865, James A. Garfield in 1881, William H. McKinley in 1901, and John F. Kennedy in 1963.

US Presidents who never attended college: Grover Cleveland, Abraham Lincoln, Harry S Truman, and George Washington.

US Presidents who never had children: George Washington, known as the "Father of the Country," James Madison, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, James Buchanan, and Warren Harding.

US Presidents who never held any other elective office: U. S. Grant, William H. Taft, Herbert Hoover, Dwight D. Eisenhower.

US Presidents who owned slaves : George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Andrew Jackson, John Tyler, James K. Polk, Zachary Taylor, Andrew Johnson, and Ulysses S. Grant.

US presidents who served an entire term without a vice president: John Tyler, Millard Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, and Chester Arthur.

US presidents who were survived by their fathers: John F. Kennedy and Warren Harding.

US Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina set a filibuster record in the U.S. Senate on August 19, 1957. He spoke for 24 hours and 18 minutes.

While sleeping, one man in eight snores, and one in ten grinds his teeth.

William Henry Harrison (1773-1841) was the first US president to die in office. At 32 days, he also had the shortest term in office.

Women shoplift more often than men; the statistics are 4 to 1.

You share your birthday with at least nine million other people around the world.

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